Orto Botanico ed Arboreto "Tor Vergata"

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Italy - Rome

Institution Code: RO

International Agenda Registration: No

BGCI Member: No

About the Orto Botanico ed Arboreto "Tor Vergata"

Botanic garden with romantic archaeological remains: plans to create a Roman garden

Main Address:
Orto Botanico ed Arboreto "Tor Vergata"
Dipartimento di Biologia, Universita degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata
Via della ricerca scientifica
I - 00133 Italy

Telephone: 0039 (0)6725794342
Fax: 0039 (0)62023500
URL: www. uniroma2.it/bioogia/polline
Primary Email: travagli@uniroma2.it

Staff Details

  • Director's Name: Dr. Alessandro Travaglini
    Curator's Name:
    Plant Records Officer's Name:

About the Garden

  • Institution Type: Botanic Garden
  • Date founded: 1988
  • Physical Data
  • Landscaped Area: Yes
    Landscaped Area: Size: 70 Hectares
  • Latitude: 41.8544
    Longitude: 12.6385

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Conservation Programmes

Research Programmes

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