Orto Botanico dell'Università del Salento

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Italy - Lecce

Institution Code: LECC

International Agenda Registration: Yes

BGCI Member: No

Centaurea pumilio L.
Centaurea pumilio L.

Main Address:
Orto Botanico dell'Università del Salento
Dpt. of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies - Via Prov.le Lecce-Monteroni - 73100 Lecce (Italy)

Telephone: +39+0832+298895
Fax: +39+0832+298895
URL: http://www.ortobotanico.unisalento.it
Primary Email: orto.botanico@unisalento.it

Staff Details

  • Director's Name: Prof. Antonella Albano
    Curator's Name: Dott. Fabio Ippolito, Dott.ssa Rita Accogli
    Plant Records Officer's Name: Dott.ssa Rita Accogli
  • Total Staff:
    Horticultural Staff Number: 1
    Educational Staff Number: 1
    Research Staff Number: 1
    Administration Staff Number: 1

About the Garden

  • Institution Type: Botanic Garden
  • Status
  • Status: Private: No
    Status: Educational: Yes
  • Date founded: 1994
  • Physical Data
  • Natural Vegetation Area: Yes
    Natural vegetation area: Size: 3 Hectares
  • Landscaped Area: Yes
    Landscaped Area: Size: 3 Hectares
  • Total Area: 15 Hectares
    Latitude: 40.3333
    Longitude: 18.1666
    Annual Rainfall: 615 mm
    Altitude: 23.00 Metres
    Total area of glasshouses: 300 Metres
    Total area of shadehouses: 2500 Metres
  • Additional Locations
  • Satellite Garden Names: under construction a satellite garden of about ha 13
  • Locality: Information
  • Locality: Garden Name: Orto Botanico del Salento
  • Local Address: via Monteroni, 165 (Campus Ecotekne)
  • Locality: City: Lecce
  • Locality: State:

Features and Facilities

  • Herbarium: Yes
    Herbarium: Number of Specimens: 2500
  • Micropropagation/ Tissue Culture Facilities: No
    Seed Bank: No
    Published Plant Catalogue: No
    Computer Plant Record System: Yes
  • Open to public: Yes
    Friends society: No
    Retail Outlet: Shop: No
    Retail Outlet: Plant Sales: No
    Disabled access: Yes
  • Number of Visitors: 2000

Plant Collections

Conservation Programmes

  • Conservation Programme: Yes
    Medicinal Plant Programme: Yes
    Ex Situ Conservation Programme: Yes
    Reintroduction Programme: Yes

Research Programmes

  • Biotechnology: Yes
    Plant Breeding: No
    Conservation - Biology: Yes
    Conservation - Genetics: Yes
    Data Management Systems and Information Technology: Yes
    Ecology: Yes
    Ecosystem Conservation: Yes
    Education: Yes
    Ethnobotany: Yes
    Exploration: No
    Floristics: Yes
    Horticulture: Yes
    Invasive Species Biology and Control: Yes
    Molecular Genetics: No
    Pollination Biology: No
    Restoration Ecology: Yes
    Seed/Spore Biology: Yes
    Systematics and Taxonomy: Yes
    Sustainability: Yes
    Pharmacology: Yes
    Agriculture: Yes
    Land Restoration: Yes
    Urban Environments: Yes

Education Programmes

  • Visitor/Education Centre: No
    Education Signs in Garden: Yes
    Public Lectures/Talks: Yes
    Education Booklets/Leaflets: Yes
    Guided Tours: Yes
    Permanent Public Displays: No
    Special Exhibitions: Yes
    Courses for School Children: Yes
    Courses for University/College Students: Yes
    Courses for General Public: No
    Education Programme: Yes