Utrecht University Botanic Gardens

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Netherlands - Utrecht

Institution Code: U

International Agenda Registration: No

BGCI Member: Yes

Front view of the Rock Garden
Front view of the Rock Garden

About the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens

Also contact for Tresor Nature Reserve in French Guiana.

Main Address:
Utrecht University Botanic Gardens
Budapestlaan 17
P.O. Box 80162
3584 HD Netherlands

Telephone: 31 30 253 1826
Fax: 31 30 253 5177
URL: https://www.uu.nl/botanischetuinen/
Primary Email: botanische.tuinen@uu.nl

Staff Details

  • Director's Name: A. Oudijk
    Curator's Name: Eric J. Gouda, Curator
    Plant Records Officer's Name:

About the Garden

  • Institution Type: Botanic Garden
  • Status
  • Status: Educational: Yes
    Status: Satellite: Yes
  • Physical Data
  • Landscaped Area: Yes
    Landscaped Area: Size: 27 Hectares
  • Total Area: 38 Hectares
    Latitude: 52.0915
    Longitude: 5.1194
    Annual Rainfall: 803 mm
    Altitude: 2.00 Metres

Features and Facilities

  • Seed Bank: Yes
    Published Plant Catalogue: Yes
    Computer Plant Record System: Yes
  • Open to public: Yes
    Friends society: Yes
    Retail Outlet: Plant Sales: Yes
    Disabled access: Yes

Plant Collections

  • Special Collections:Member of the National Plant Collection Foundation, contributing the following specialisations: Aceraceae, Aeonium, alpine plants, Annonaceae (neotropical), Arisaema, Asarum, Betulaceae, Bromeliaceae (Tillandsioideae), Cecropiaceae, Costaceae, Crassulaceae, Coniferae, Ericaceae, Euonymus, Flora of the Guianas plants, Fraxinus, Laburnum, Lecanopteris, Magnolia, Moraceae, Oleaceae, Orchidaceae (neotropical), Penstemon, Rhododendron, Sedum, Syringa, Trillium, Tsuga.No conservation collections, but in situ conservation of 2,464 ha of rainforest in French Guiana (Tresor Nature Reserve).

Conservation Programmes

  • Conservation Programme: Yes

Research Programmes

  • Data Management Systems and Information Technology: Yes
    Ecosystem Conservation: Yes
    Floristics: Yes
    Systematics and Taxonomy: Yes

Education Programmes

  • Visitor/Education Centre: Yes
    Education Signs in Garden: Yes
    Guided Tours: Yes
    Permanent Public Displays: Yes
    Special Exhibitions: Yes
    Courses for University/College Students: Yes