Arboretum Oudenbosch

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Netherlands - Netherlands - Oudenbosch

Institution Code: OUDEN

BGCI Member: No

About the Arboretum Oudenbosch

This botanical garden is located in the centre of Oudenbosch, opposite the Basilica between some historical buildings. This dome village is situated in the southwest of the Netherlands, in N.-Brabant, 50 km from Antwerp and Rotterdam (A17) and 25 km from Breda and Bergen op Zoom (A58).

Main Address:
Arboretum Oudenbosch
Garden: Achter 't postkantoor 1
P.o. box 127 4730AC Oudenbosch
Netherlands 4731 HP Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0)165 317171
Fax: +31 (0)165 331197
Primary Email:

Staff Details

  • Director's Name: Chairman: J. van Oosterhout
    Curator's Name: Secretary : C v/d Heijden
    Plant Records Officer's Name: F.v. Andel

About the Garden

  • Institution Type: Botanic Garden
  • Status
  • Status: Private: No
    Status: Municipal: Yes
  • Date founded: 1987
  • Physical Data
  • Natural Vegetation Area: Yes
    Natural vegetation area: Size: 1 Hectares
  • Landscaped Area: Yes
    Landscaped Area: Size: 4 Hectares
  • Total Area: 4 Hectares
    Latitude: 51.5833
    Longitude: 4.5166
    Annual Rainfall: 800 mm
    Altitude: 8.00 Metres
    Total area of glasshouses: 72 Metres
  • Locality: Information
  • Locality: Garden Name: Arboretum Oudenbosch
  • Local Address: Achter 't postkantoor 1 4731 HP in Oudenbosch De ingang ligt op loopafstand van het NS-station en de bushalte van de BBA lijn 111. Postadres & Informatie: Secretariaat Stichting Arboretum Oudenbosch Pagnevaartweg 50 4731 AE Oudenbosch telefoon 0165-31 50 08.
  • Locality: City: Oudenbosch
  • Locality: State: N. Brabant

Features and Facilities

  • Herbarium: No
    Arboretum: Yes
    Arboretum Size: 5
  • Micropropagation/ Tissue Culture Facilities: No
    Seed Bank: No
    Published Plant Catalogue: No
    Computer Plant Record System: Yes
  • Open to public: Yes
    Friends society: Yes
    Retail Outlet: Plant Sales: Yes
    Disabled access: Yes
  • Number of Visitors: 11000
    Number of Volunteers: 75

Plant Collections

  • Accession Number: 3000
    Cultivation Taxa Num: 350
  • Special Collections:THE COLLECTION
    In past decades the collection has been growing steadily and the garden is still in full development. The Arboretum Oudenbosch focuses on the collection of the genus Aesculus (Horse Chestnut), the genus Viburnum (Snowball-tree) and the family Calycanthaceae (Spicebush). The garden map on the rear shows that the collection has been arranged within the garden according to their continent of origin. Also minor collections such as the family Hamamelidaceae (Witch-hazel), the genera Hydrangea and Rhododendron are accommodated.
    The trees and shrubs collection is managed according to a scientific protocol as customary in botanical gardens worldwide.

Conservation Programmes

Research Programmes

Education Programmes

  • Visitor/Education Centre: Yes
    Education Signs in Garden: Yes
    Public Lectures/Talks: Yes
    Education Booklets/Leaflets: Yes
    Guided Tours: Yes
    Permanent Public Displays: Yes
    Special Exhibitions: Yes
    Courses for School Children: Yes
    Courses for General Public: Yes