Multiplant International Medicinal Conservation

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Kenya - Kenya - Endebess

Institution Code: MIMC

International Agenda Registration: Yes

BGCI Member: No

ArbNet Accredited: Level III

A new medicinal plant Plectranthus sp. from Lamiaceae family which we have been cultivating and using a lot in helping people overcome conditions such as Anxiety, Arthritis, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Infertility, Low Energy, Lack of Motivation, Toxic overload and now it has proved to be effective in treatment of Epilepsy
A new medicinal plant Plectranthus sp. from Lamiaceae family which we have been cultivating and using a lot in helping people overcome conditions such as Anxiety, Arthritis, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Infertility, Low Energy, Lack of Motivation, Toxic overload and now it has proved to be effective in treatment of Epilepsy

About the Multiplant International Medicinal Conservation

Multiplant International Medicinal Conservation(MIMC) is a non-profit making organization based in Trans-nzoia county of Kwanza District, Endebess sub-county, Kaitaboss farm located 25 km West of Kitale town at an altitude of 1900-2200m.
MIMC is primarily concerned with wild plants conservation as well as integrating conservation with sustainable development, equitable use of aromatic and medicinal plants for the well-being of our entire society in general.
The organization has put medicinal and aromatic plants to the economic benefits of disadvantaged people and especially the women to enhance gender equality and improve income in rural poor.

The Specific objectives of MIMC are;

1. To undertake and encourage the planting and tending of valuable and endangered plant species.
2. To identify medicinal and aromatic plants species for which demand exist and which are suitable for cultivation in tropical countries.
3. To identify suitable partners among those who are cultivating land and forging alliances with interested individuals, particularly women, on alternative land use for the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants.
4. To carry out field trials with selected plants species.
5. To establish broad ranged field extraction facilities in rural areas.
6. To train people and particularly women in operating and maintaining field extraction facilities.
7. To set up a simple packaging and storage facilities for semi processed materials.
8. To establish in close collaboration with academic and research institutions on quality control mechanisms.
9. To encourage small-scale entrepreneurship and establish marketing mechanisms.
10. To liaise with similar initiatives elsewhere in tropical countries.
11. To mobilize funding from national, and international bodies to enable launching of the initiative and maintaining its functions
Mimc activities;
Since its inception, Mimc has advocated the establishment of medicinal plant nurseries in rural communities where useful plants are propagated and not only to provide a source of coveted medicinal and edible plants, but the purpose is to familiarize the public and especially the young people on useful medicinal plants that are used by their society in health improvement.
We have established an ethnobotanic garden consisting of herbal indigenous plants which are in cultivated plots thus serving as demonstration and commercial garden whereby, over harvested wild plant species are planted.

Activities at MIMC:
• Propagation and cultivating of endangered medicinal plants
• Medicinal plant nursery with over 100,000 seedlings.
• Processing and packaging of medicinal plants
• Environmental education and awareness creation
• Vermiculture
The Director, Mr. Joannes Bosco B. Samikwo, is also a herbal practitioner, and medicinal plants consultant in various organizations in Kenya including Plants for life, Sanctuaries landscape Ltd, A.K Amstrong forest restoration project and Sanata charitable trust in Gilgil. MIMC is accredited member of BGCI in the international agenda in plant conservation. One of the aims of BGCI is to ensure that national botanic gardens conserve indigenous flora.

Multiplant international medicinal conservation was founded in September 2002 with a mission of restoring, researching, capacity building and awareness creation on the uses of medicinal herbal plants for our own well-being, and conservation of indigenous wild plants species. And MIMC remains committed to supporting public rights to truthful information about the health benefit of medicinal herbal plants.

With the little income Mimc generates from medicinal plants and products sale, Mimc has been able to undertake and perform some activities like; Monthly environmental and ethnobotanic education, putting medicinal plants to the economic benefits of disadvantaged communities to provide income, nutrition and health improvement.

Mimc has also encouraged communities to plant valuable endangered medicinal plants like Echinops, Warburgia, Euphorbia crotonoides, Withania somnifera e.t.c as any other crop for their own benefit and the entire world community in the coming future. Through our education programmes, we are reaching about 100 people each month with accurate information on the safe and appropriate use of medicinal herbal plants.

Environmental & Plant Conservation;
Plants are important and yet their habitats are vitally important as well, plants provide us with; food, medicine, firewood, clothes, regulate climate, stabilizes the soil, oxygen production and it makes life on earth possible for both humans and all other animal form. The consumption of plant based medicines and health food is a worldwide phenomenon. This has resulted in the rapid growth in trade in hundreds of wild crafted and cultivated medicinal plants and development of a sophisticated botanical extraction industry. Plant species are vanishing at an alarming rate, and out of 270,000 of the plant species found in 200 countries, one in eight is threatened with extinction. And this is brought up by the loss of wild habitats, growing industrialization, urbanization, intensive farming and unsustainable harvesting of wild species and ideally, together we can save plant live before being destructed or over harvested.

Sustainable management of traditional medicinal plants resources is important, not only because of their value as a potential source of new drugs but due to reliance on traditional medicinal plants for health. The vast majority of people in Africa consult traditional medicinal practitioners for their health care. With few exceptions, traditional medicinal plants are gathered from the wild. Although reliance on traditional medicinal practitioners may decline in long term as alternative health care, facilities become available, increasing demand for popular herbal medicines is expected in the foreseeable future.

Over the same period, certain vegetation types that were sources of supply of traditional medicines are drastically vanishing due to forest clearance for agriculture, uncontrolled burning, logging and livestock grazing. And exclusion from core conservation areas adversely affects traditional medicinal practitioners who previously gathered medicinal plants in those sites. In addition, supplies of herbal medicines to traditional medicinal practitioners are affected by competing resource use such as; timber logging, commercial harvesting for export etc. This creates a growing demand for fewer resources in some cases resulting in local disappearance of favored and effective sources of traditional medicine and reduced species diversity.

The most vulnerable species are popular, slow growing or slow to reproduce or species with specific habitat requirements and a limited distribution. Although in theory, sustainable use of bark, roots or whole plant used as herbal medicines is possible, the high levels of money and manpower for intensive management of slow growing species in multiple species systems are unlikely to be found in most African countries.

The cultivation of alternative sources of supply of popular, high conservation areas is therefore essential. However, commercial cultivation of such species is not a simple solution and at present, it is unlikely to be profitable due to the slow growth rate for most species and low prices paid for traditional medicines.
With over 1200 species of indigenous plants growing in our Ethnobotanic garden, the garden is becoming a seed bank of many species that are locally, nationally or internationally threatened.
Environmental education
MIMC runs courses on herbal medicines, plant identification, tree growing and management (from tree nursery to forest establishment) and nature walks. For bookings, contact Joannes on 0735393606; email:

Since its establishment in the year 2002, we started with a small home tree nursery that consisted of 1 tree species (Pittosporum viridiflorum) and gradually, the tree nursery begun to emerge and so far we’ve planted over 500,000 seedlings since we started.
MIMC plant collection, propagation and conservation activities
MIMC has collected, conserved, propagated and planted over 1200 species of trees, shrubs, lianas and herbs since September 2002. These consist of over 1200 upland Kenya species, 70 lowland Kenya species, 70 non-Kenyan African species, and 210 exotic species (non Kenya and Africa in general). These can be found both inside the main campus and seedlings can be obtained from our extension campus nursery, and retail outlets countrywide.
Ethnobotanic and herbal garden
On southern side of Endebess, at Chorlim location, ask for a place called Kaa-moss farm, this is just off the Mt. Elgon National park road, you’ll find our 1 hectare Ethnobotanic garden which consists of medicinal nursery and herbal garden. Inside the garden and its environ, we’re finding more bird and insect species coming in but no inventory record that has been kept up to date but soon we’re going do develop one.
Medicinal plant nursery
Multiplant medicinal nursery currently has many species for sale, especially on contract order. We mainly concentrate on unusual indigenous trees and non tree plants found in local habitat. We’ve two medicinal nurseries one at the main Mimc Ethnobotanic garden campus and the other one at Mimc extension campus at Endebess trading centre (Suam road just after the Endebess bridge then turn to your right). At Mimc, we have established two centres one in Kitale town and the other one in West Pokot county, both are natural health and plant shops, please we do appreciate if you can pay us a visit.
At Mimc main campus garden and extension campus, we’ve visitors and recreation centre both for children and adult. Mimc visitors centre offers several recreational services and we do also serve refreshments at our coffee shop as per request.
Indigenous flower garden;
Most of our landscaping has been done using indigenous wild flowers found locally from within and some from the alpine zone of Mt. Elgon. This will encourage more people who visit the garden to transform their gardens into beautiful natural eco gardens thus improving biodiversity in general.
MIMC Resources/products;
Our products range from; Herbal soaps, Natural beauty products, Herbal teas, Herbal tinctures, Medicinal plant seedlings, Medicinal plant seeds, Semi-processed herbal products
Our main species;
At Mimc, our main species of interest is to conserve all the wild plant species despite their economic importance.
Our total collection at Mimc
• 1500 upland species
• 230 lowland/coastal species
• 70 non-Kenyan African
• 210 exotic species
Total =2010 species represented in our Ethno-botanic garden
Our core message to the entire world community;
“Care for plants and they’ll care for you”.

The garden itself is located on the western side ok Kitale at Chorlim location, Kaa-moss farm in Endebess Division of Trans-nzoia County, Kwanza District. The nearest market centre is Endebess and Cheptatan trading centre just off the Mt. Elgon national park road.

MULTIPLANT INTERNATIONAL MEDICINAL CONSERVATION | ENDEBESS | P.O. Box 50|ENDEBESS-30201, Kenya | Tel +254738268514/+254774914507; Cell +254735393606/+254713914507|Social media: Facebook page; Multiplant Medicinal; Twitter handle: @MIMC9

Main Address:
Multiplant International Medicinal Conservation
P.O. Box 50
P.O. Box 50
Kenya 30201 Kenya

Telephone: Tel:- +254750724173/+254713914507
Primary Email:

Staff Details

  • Director's Name: Joannes Bosco Barng'etuny Samikwo
    Curator's Name: Lucio Kiprop
    Plant Records Officer's Name: Stephanie Chebet
  • Total Staff:
    Horticultural Staff Number: 6
    Educational Staff Number: 3
    Research Staff Number: 3
    Administration Staff Number: 5

About the Garden

  • Institution Type: Botanic Garden
  • Status
  • Status: State: No
    Status: Educational: Yes
    Status: Municipal: No
    Status: Satellite: Yes
    Status: Trust: No
  • Date founded: 2002
  • Physical Data
  • Natural Vegetation Area: Yes
  • Landscaped Area: Yes
  • Total Area: 3 Hectares
    Latitude: 1.0656
    Longitude: 34.8595
    Altitude: 1900.00 Metres
  • Locality: Information
  • Local Address: P.O.BOX 50, ENDEBESS-30201

Features and Facilities

  • Herbarium: Yes
    Herbarium: Number of Specimens: 1750
    Arboretum: Yes
    Arboretum Size: 3
  • Micropropagation/ Tissue Culture Facilities: Yes
    Seed Bank: Yes
    Published Plant Catalogue: Yes
    Computer Plant Record System: Yes
  • Open to public: Yes
    Friends society: Yes
    Retail Outlet: Shop: Yes
    Retail Outlet: Plant Sales: Yes
    Disabled access: Yes
  • Number of Visitors: 500
    Number of Volunteers: 10

Plant Collections

  • Accession Number: 2200
    Cultivation Taxa Num: 100
  • Special Collections:LIST OF PLANTS COLLECTION.
    Abrus precatorius
    Abutilon grandifolium
    Abutilon longicuspe
    Abutilon mauritianum
    Acacia amythethophylla
    Acacia ancistroclada
    Acacia ataxacantha
    Acacia caffra
    Acacia dolichocephala
    Acacia etbaica
    Acacia farnesiana
    Acacia mearnsii
    Acacia mellifera
    Acacia persiciflora
    Acalypha bipartita
    Acalypha fruticosa
    Acalypha glabrata
    Acalypha hispida
    Acalypha ornata
    Acalypha villicaulis
    Acalypha volkensii
    Acanthopale pubescens
    Acanthospermum hispidum
    Acanthus eminens
    Acanthus montanus
    Acanthus pubescens
    Acanthus sennii
    Achyranthes aspera
    Achyranthes lanuginosa
    Achyraspermum parviflora
    Achyrospermum carvalhi
    Achyrospermum schimperi
    Acmella caulirhiza
    Acmella oleracea
    Acokanthera oppositifolia
    Acokanthera schimperi
    Acrocarpus fraxinifolius
    Actiniopteris semiflabellata
    Adenia bequaertii
    Adenia gummifera
    Adenia wightiana
    Adhatoda engleriana
    Adhatoda schimperiana
    Adhatoda vasica
    Adiantum capilus-veneris
    Aeolanthus stormsii
    Aeollanthus repens
    Aeonium leucoblepharun
    Aerangis brachycarpa
    Aerangis confusa
    Aerangis luteoalba
    Aerangis thomsonii
    Aerangis ugandensis
    Aerva javanica
    Aerva lanata
    Aerva leucura
    Aeschynomene abyssinica
    Aeschynomene schimperi
    Aframomum angustifolium
    Aframomum zambesiacum
    Afrocanthium keniense
    Afrocanthium lactescens
    Afrocarpus falcatus
    Afrocarpus usambarensis
    Afroligusticum aculeolatum
    Agapanthus africanus
    Agarista salicifolia
    Agathisanthemum globosum
    Agelaea pentagyna
    Agelanthus oehleri
    Agrocharis ingognita
    Agrocharis melanantha
    Ajuga integrifolia
    Alangium chinense
    Albizia adianthifolia
    Albizia amara subsp. amara
    Albizia amara subsp. sericocephala
    Albizia coriaria
    Albizia grandibracteata
    Albizia gummifera
    Albizia harveyi
    Albizia procera
    Albizia schimperiana
    Albizia zygia
    Albuca abyssinica
    Albuca kirkii
    Albuca setosa
    Alchemilla elgonensis
    Alchemilla fischeri
    Alchemilla haumannii
    Alchemilla johnstonii
    Alchemilla rothii
    Alectra sessiliflora var.senegalensis
    Aleurites moluccana
    Alisma plantago
    Allophylus abyssinicus
    Allophylus africanus
    Allophylus ferrugineus
    Allophylus rubifolius
    Alnus serrulata
    Aloe amudatensis
    Aloe ballyi
    Aloe confusa
    Aloe debrana
    Aloe elgonica
    Aloe eminens
    Aloe kedongensis
    Aloe lateritia
    Aloe lateritia var.graminicola
    Aloe powysiorum
    Aloe rabaiensis
    Aloe ruspoliana
    Aloe bussei
    Aloe tweediae
    Aloe vera
    Aloe volkensii
    Aloe wilsonii
    Aloe wollatsonii
    Alternanthera sessilis
    Alysicarpus glumaceus
    Amaranthus blitum
    Amaranthus caudatus
    Amaranthus dubius
    Amaranthus graecizans
    Amaranthus hybridus
    Amaranthus spinosus
    Ammocharis tinneana
    Amorphophallus galdaensis
    Amorphophallus gallaensis
    Ampelocissus africana
    Anagallis arvensis
    Androcymbium melanthioides
    Aneilema aequinoctiale
    Aneilema hirtum
    Aneilema minutiflorum
    Angraecopsis amaniensis
    Angraecopsis gracillima
    Angraecum erectum
    Anisopappus chinensis
    Anisopappus holstii
    Anisotes parvifolius
    Annona senegalensis
    Ansellia africana
    Anthericopsis sepalosa
    Anthericum subpetiolatum
    Antherotoma naudinii
    Anthocleista grandiflora
    Anthospermum usambarense
    Antiaris toxicaria
    Antidesma venosum
    Aphloia theiformis
    Apodytes dimidiata
    Aponogeton abyssinicus
    Araujia sericifera
    Argemone mexicana
    Argyrolobium fischeri
    Arisaema enneaphyllum
    Arisaema mildbraedii
    Artabotrys likimensis
    Artemisia afra
    Artemisia annua
    Artemisia indica
    Artemisia ludoviciana
    Artemisia princeps
    Artemisia vulgaris
    Asparagus asparagoides
    Asparagus falcatus
    Asparagus flagellaris
    Asparagus racemosus
    Asparagus scaberulus
    Asparagus setaceus
    Aspilia mossambicensis
    Aspilia pluriseta
    Asteranthe asterias
    Asterolinon adoense
    Astragalus atropilosulus
    Astragalus atropilosulus subsp.abyssinicus
    Astragalus venosus
    Astripomoea hyoscyamoides
    Astripomoea lachnosperma
    Asystasia charmian
    Asystasia gangetica
    Asystasia laticapsula
    Asystasia mysorensis
    Athroisma psyllioides
    Auricularia auricular-judae
    Avena fatua
    Azanza garkeana
    Baccharoides adoensis
    Baccharoides filigera
    Baccharoides lasiopus
    Balanites aegyptica
    Balanites pedicellaris
    Balanites wilsoniana
    Barleria acanthoides
    Barleria argentea
    Barleria grandicalyx
    Barleria submollis
    Barleria taitensis
    Barleria ventricosa
    Bartsia longiflora
    Basella alba
    Bauhinia taitensis
    Bauhinia thonningii
    Bauhinia tomentosa
    Begonia argenteo-guttata
    Begonia heracleifolia
    Begonia meyeri-johannis
    Begonia sutherlandii
    Behnia reticulata
    Berchemia discolor
    Berkheya bipinnatifida
    Berkheya spekeana
    Bersama abyssinica
    Bersama abyssinica subsp.paullinioides
    Bersama lucens
    Bersama tysoniana
    Bidens biternata
    Bidens buchneri
    Bidens grantii
    Bidens kilimandscharica
    Bidens macroptera
    Bidens pilosa
    Bidens schimperi
    Bidens ternata
    Bidens ugandensis
    Biophytum abyssinicum
    Blepharis linariifolia
    Blepharis maderaspatensis
    Blepharispermum pubescens
    Blighia unijugata
    Blumea brevipes
    Blumea cafra
    Blumea elatior
    Boehmeria macrophylla
    Boerhavia diffusa
    Boophone disticha
    Boscia angustifolia
    Boswellia neglecta
    Bothriocline calycina
    Bothriocline fusca
    Bothriocline longipes
    Bougainvillea glabra
    Bourreria teitensis
    Bowiea volubilis
    Brachylaena huillensis
    Brachystegia speciformis
    Brassica carinata
    Brassica oleracea
    Brassica oleracea var.capitata
    Breonadia salicina
    Breynia disticha
    Breynia disticha var.nivosa
    Bridelia micrantha
    Bridelia scleroneura
    Bridelia taitensis
    Brillantaisia cicatricosa
    Brillantaisia lamium
    Brillantaisia madagascariensis
    Brillantaisia vogeliana
    Brillantasia owariensis
    Bromus catharticus
    Bromus pectinatus
    Brucea antidysenterica
    Brucea macrocarpa
    Buddleija polystachya
    Buddleija pulchella
    Buddleija saligna
    Bulbine abyssinica
    Bulbine frutescens
    Bulbophyllum cochleatum
    Bulbophyllum intertextum
    Bullockia fadenii
    Bullockia pseudosetiflora
    Byttneria sp. nov. (faydenii??)
    Cadia purpurea
    Caesalpinia decapetala
    Caesalpinia trothae subsp.trothae
    Caesalpinia volkensii
    Cajanus cajan
    Calanthe sylvatica
    Calliandra calothyrsus
    Calliandra eriophylla
    Calliandra gilbertii
    Calodendrum capense
    Calophyllum inophyllum
    Calpurnia aurea
    Calyptrotheca taitensis
    Camellia sinensis
    Canarina abyssinica
    Canarium schweinfurthii
    Canavalia virosa
    Canthium oligocarpum
    Capparis erythrocarpos
    Capparis tomentosa
    Capsella bursa-pastoris
    Caralluma dicapuae
    Caralluma retrospiciens
    Carapa grandiflora
    Cardamine africana
    Cardamine trichocarpa
    Cardiospermum halicacabum
    Carduus nyassanus
    Carissa bispinosa
    Carissa spinarum
    Carissa tetramera
    Casearia battiscombei
    Cassine buchananii
    Cassine schweinfurthianum
    Cassipourea celastroides
    Cassipourea euryoides
    Cassipourea gummiflua
    Cassipourea malosana
    Cassipourea ruwensorensis
    Castanospermum australe
    Catha edulis
    Catharanthus roseus
    Caylusea abyssinica
    Ceasalpinia trothae ssp.erlangeri
    Cedrela odorata
    Celtis africana
    Celtis gomphophylla
    Celtis mildbraedii
    Celtis occidentalis
    Centella asiatica
    Centemopsis gracilenta? Kirkii
    Centrapalus pauciflorus
    Cephalaria pungens
    Cerastium lanceolatum
    Ceratotheca sesamoides
    Ceriops tagal
    Ceropegia ballyana
    Ceropegia meyeri-johannis
    Ceropegia nilotica var.simplex
    Chaetacme aristata
    Chamaeangis odoratissima
    Chamaecrista absus
    Chamaecrista grantii
    Chamaecrista kirkii
    Chamaecrista mimosoides
    Chamaecrista usambarensis
    Chamaepentas hindsioides
    Chassalia kenyensis
    Chassalia parvifolia
    Chassalia umbraticola
    Cheilanthes farinosa
    Cheilanthes hirta
    Chenopodium ambrosoides
    Chenopodium carinatum
    Chenopodium murale
    Chionanthus battiscombei
    Chionanthus mildbraedii
    Chloris gayana
    Chloris pycnothrix
    Chloris virgata
    Chlorophytum cameronii
    Chlorophytum cameronii var.grantii
    Chlorophytum macrophyllum
    Chlorophytum silvaticum
    Chlrophytum cooperi
    Chrysanthellum americanum
    Chrysophyllum albidum
    Chrysophyllum gorungosanum
    Cineraria deltoides
    Cinnamomum camphora
    Cirsium vulgare
    Cissampelos pareira
    Cissus adeyana
    Cissus cactiformis
    Cissus cornifolia
    Cissus humbertii
    Cissus oliveri
    Cissus petiolata
    Cissus quadrangularis
    Cissus rotundifolia
    Cistanche tubulosa
    Cladostemon kirkii
    Clausena anisata
    Clausena dentata
    Cleistanthus polystachyus
    Cleome hirta
    Cleome monophylla
    Cleome usambarica
    Clerodendron johnstonii
    Clerodendrum capitatum
    Clerodendrum rotundifolium
    Clerodendrum silvanum
    Cliffortia nitidula
    Clinopodium abyssinicum
    Clinopodium uhligii var.obtusifolium
    Clitoria ternata
    Clutia abyssinica
    Clutia kilimandscharica
    Coccinia grandis
    Coccinia megarrhiza
    Cocculus pendulus
    Coddia rudis
    Coffea arabica
    Coffea canephora
    Coffea eugenioides
    Coffea fadenii
    Coffea mufindiensis
    Cola greenwayi
    Cola nitida
    Colutea abyssinica
    Combretum apiculatum
    Combretum capituliflorum
    Combretum exalatum
    Combretum hereoense
    Combretum hereroense
    Combretum molle
    Combretum paniculatum
    Combretum schumannii
    Combretum tanaense
    Combretum zeyheri
    Commelina africana
    Commelina benghalensis
    Commelina elgonensis
    Commelina imberbis
    Commelina latifolia
    Commelina nairobiensis
    Commelina subulata
    Commicarpus pedunculosus
    Commicarpus plumbagineus
    Commiphora africana
    Commiphora corrugata
    Commiphora eminii ssp.zimmermannii
    Commiphora habessinica
    Commiphora holtziana
    Commiphora rostrata
    Commiphora terebinthina
    Conostomium quadrangulare
    Convolvulus kilimandschari
    Conysa schimperi
    Conysa volkensii
    Conyza newii
    Conyza pallidiflora
    Conyza schimperi
    Conyza subscaposa
    Conyza sumatrensis
    Conyza volkensii
    Coptosperma graveolens
    Corchorus olitorius
    Corchorus tridens
    Cordia africana
    Cordia milleni
    Cordia monoica
    Cordia sebestina
    Cordia sinensis
    Corydalis mildbraedii
    Costus spectabilis
    Cotula abyssinica
    Cotula anthemoides
    Cotula cryptocephala
    Cotyledon barbeyi
    Crabbea velutina
    Craibia brevicaudata
    Craibia brownii
    Craibia laurentii
    Craibia zimmermannii
    Crassocephalum montuosum
    Crassocephalum picridifolium
    Crassocephalum rubens
    Crassocephalum rubens var.sarcobasi
    Crassocephalum vitellinum
    Crassocephalum x picridifolium
    Crassula alba
    Crassula schimperi
    Craterispermum schweinfurthii
    Craterostigma hirsutum
    Craterostigma latibracteatum
    Craterostigma plantagineum
    Craterostigma pumilum
    Craterostigma sp.nov
    Crepis rueppellii
    Crinum kirkii
    Crinum macowanii
    Crossandra massaica
    Crossandra mucronata
    Crossandra nilotica
    Crossandra subacaulis
    Crotalaria agatiflora subsp.agatiflora
    Crotalaria agatiflora subsp.engleri
    Crotalaria agatiflora subsp.erlangeri
    Crotalaria agatiflora subsp.imperialis
    Crotalaria axillaris
    Crotalaria brevidens
    Crotalaria brevidens var.parviflora
    Crotalaria cephalotes
    Crotalaria chrysochlora
    Crotalaria cleomifolia
    Crotalaria cylindrica
    Crotalaria deflersii
    Crotalaria dewildemaniana
    Crotalaria goodiiformis
    Crotalaria incana
    Crotalaria incana subsp.purpurascens
    Crotalaria intermedia
    Crotalaria keniensis
    Crotalaria lachnocarpoides
    Crotalaria lachnophora
    Crotalaria mauensis
    Crotalaria natalita
    Crotalaria orthoclada
    Crotalaria pallida
    Crotalaria polysperma
    Crotalaria pycnostachya
    Crotalaria recta
    Crotalaria rosenii
    Crotalaria scassellatii
    Crotalaria spinosa
    Crotalaria tabularis
    Crotalaria vallicola
    Crotalaria vatkeana
    Croton alienus
    Croton macrostachyus
    Croton megalocarpus
    Croton polytrichus
    Croton pseudopulchellus
    Croton sylvaticus
    Croton talaeporos
    Cucumis ficifolius
    Cucumis metuliferus
    Cucurbita ficifolia
    Cucurbita lanatus
    Culcasia falcifolia
    Culcasia orientalis
    Cuscuta campestris
    Cuscuta kilimanjari
    Cussonia arborea
    Cussonia holstii
    Cussonia spicata
    Cussonia myriantha
    Cussonia zimmermannii
    Cyamopsis senegalensis
    Cyanotis arachnoidea
    Cyanotis barbata
    Cyanotis caespitosa
    Cyanotis foecunda
    Cyanotis longifolia
    Cyanotis speciosa
    Cyanthillium cinereum
    Cyathea humilis
    Cyathea manniana
    Cyathula cylindrica
    Cyathula orthacantha
    Cyathula polycephala
    Cyathula uncinulata
    Cyclospermum leptophyllum
    Cycniopsis humifusa
    Cycnium herzfeldianum
    Cycnium tenuisectum
    Cycnium tubulosum
    Cylicomorpha parviflora
    Cylindropuntia spinosior
    Cynanchum altiscandens
    Cynanchum validum
    Cynoglossum coeruleum var.mannii
    Cynoglssum amplifolium
    Cynometra greenwayi
    Cynometra sp. 1
    Cyperus dives
    Cyperus papyrus
    Cyperus rigidifolius
    Cyphia glandulifera
    Cyphomandra betaceae
    Cyphostemma bambuseti
    Cyphostemma jiguu
    Cyphostemma junceum
    Cyphostemma kilimandscharicum
    Cyphostemma maranguense
    Cyphostemma nieriense
    Cyphostemma orondo
    Cyrtorchis arcuata
    Dactyloctenium giganteum
    Dalbergia lactea
    Dalechampia parvifolia
    Dasylepsis integra
    Daucus carota
    Deinbollia kilimandscharica
    Delonix elata
    Desmodium gangeticum var. gangeticum
    Desmodium intortum
    Desmodium repandum
    Desmodium salicifolium
    Desmodium uncinatum
    Diaphananthe rohrii
    Dichapetalum arenarium
    Dichapetalum madagascariense
    Dichondra repens
    Dichrocephala chrysanthemifolia
    Dichrocephala integrifolia
    Dichrostachys cinerea ssp. africana
    Dicliptera colorata
    Dicliptera laxata
    Diclis bambuseti
    Diclis ovata
    Dicranolepis usambarica
    Didymodoxa caffra
    Dietes iridioides
    Digitaria abyssinica
    Diodella scandens
    Dioscorea quartiniana
    Dioscorea schimperiana
    Diospyros abyssinica
    Diospyros consolatae
    Diospyros cornii
    Diospyros mespiliformis
    Diospyros natalensis
    Diospyros scabra
    Diospyros simii
    Diphasia sp.A
    Diphasiopsis fadenii
    Diplolophium africanum
    Dipsacus pinnatifidus
    Discopodium eremanthum
    Discopodium pennivervium
    Disperis anthoceros
    Disperis dicerochila
    Disperis kilimanjari
    Disperis reichenbachiana
    Dissotis irvingiana
    Dissotis speciosa
    Distephanus biafrae
    Dodonaea viscosa subsp.angustifolia
    Dolichpentas longiflora
    Dombeya burgessiae
    Dombeya kirkii
    Dombeya rotundifolia
    Dombeya torrida
    Dorstenia ellenbeckiana
    Dorstenia hildebrandtii
    Dorstenia kameruniana
    Dovyalis abyssinica
    Dovyalis hispidula
    Dovyalis macrocalyx
    Dracaena afromontana
    Dracaena ellenbeckiana
    Dracaena fragrans
    Dracaena laxissima
    Dracaena steudneri
    Dregea abyssinica
    Dregea macrantha
    Dregea rubicunda
    Dregea schimperi
    Drimia altissima
    Drimiopsis botryoides
    Drymaria cordata
    Dryopteris athamantica
    Drypetes gerrardii
    Duhaldea stuhlmannii
    Dyschoriste clinopodioides
    Dyschoriste keniensis
    Dyschoriste radicans
    Dyschoriste thunbergiiflora
    Ecbolium revolutum
    Echinochloa pyramidalis
    Echinopepon wrightii
    Echinops hispidus
    Echiochilon lithospermoides
    Eclipta prostrata
    Edithcolea grandis
    Ehretia bakeri
    Ehretia cymosa
    Ekebergia capensis
    Elatostema monticola
    Elephantorrhiza burkei
    Eleusine coracana
    Eleusine indica
    Embelia keniensis
    Embelia schimperi
    Emilia coccinea
    Emilia debilis
    Emilia discifolia
    Emilia praetermissa
    Encephalartos kisambo
    Encephalartos tegulaneus
    Encepharlatos whittelockii
    Englerastrum altiscandens
    Englerodaphne subcordata
    Engleromyces goetzei
    Englerophytum oblanceolatum
    Ensete ventricosum
    Entada abyssinica
    Entada leptostachya
    Entandrophragma angolense
    Epilobium salicifolium
    Epilobium stereophyllum
    Eragrostis bicolor
    Eragrostis inamoena
    Eragrostis patentipilosa
    Erigeron karvinskianus
    Eriosema psoraleoides
    Eriosema sparsiflorum
    Erlangea calycina
    Erycastrum arabicum
    Erythrina abyssinica
    Erythrina burtii
    Erythrina lysistemon
    Erythrina sacleuxii
    Erythrocephalum minus
    Erythrochlamys spectabilis
    Erythrococca kirkii
    Erythroxylum emarginatum
    Erythrycocca bongensis
    Euclea divinorum
    Euclea natalensis
    Euclea racemosa
    Eulophia horsfallii
    Eulophia streptopetala
    Euphorbia abyssinica
    Euphorbia bicompacta
    Euphorbia bongensis
    Euphorbia bussei
    Euphorbia candelabrum
    Euphorbia crotonoides
    Euphorbia cuneata
    Euphorbia cussonioides
    Euphorbia cyparissoides
    Euphorbia depauperata
    Euphorbia engleri
    Euphorbia gossypina
    Euphorbia graciliramea
    Euphorbia heterochroma
    Euphorbia heterophylla
    Euphorbia hirta
    Euphorbia inaequilatera
    Euphorbia magnicapsula
    Euphorbia nyikae
    Euphorbia prostrata
    Euphorbia quinquecostata
    Euphorbia saxorum
    Euphorbia schimperiana
    Euphorbia tanaensis
    Euphorbia tenuspina
    Euphorbia umbellata
    Euphorbia wakefieldii
    Euryops elgonensis
    Eustachys paspaloides
    Evolvulus alsinoides
    Evolvulus nummularius
    Excoecaria madagascariensis
    Fagaropsis angolensis
    Fagaropsis hildebrandtii
    Faurea rochetiana
    Faurea saligna
    Felicia muricata
    Ficus bubu
    Ficus bussei
    Ficus capreifolia
    Ficus cyathistipula
    Ficus exasperata
    Ficus faulknerae
    Ficus ingens
    Ficus lutea
    Ficus natalensis
    Ficus ottonifolia
    Ficus ovata
    Ficus scasselatii
    Ficus sur
    Ficus sycomorus
    Ficus thonningii
    Ficus usambarensis
    Ficus vallis-choudae
    Ficus vasta
    Filicium decipiens
    Flabellaria paniculata
    Fleroya rubrostipulata
    Floscopa glomerata
    Foeniculum vulgare
    Fuerstia africana
    Fumaria abyssinica
    Funtumia africana
    Galega battiscombei
    Galega lindblomii
    Galiniera saxifraga
    Galium ruwenzoriense
    Galium scioanum
    Garcinia buchananii
    Garcinia livingstonei
    Garcinia volkensii
    Gardenia ternifolia
    Gardenia volkensii
    Geophila repens
    Geranium abyssinica
    Geranium aculeolatum
    Geranium arabicum
    Geranium kilimandscharicum
    Geranium mascatense
    Geranium purpureum
    Gerbera piloselloides
    Gerbera viridifolia
    Gerrardanthus lobatus
    Ghikae speciosa
    Girardinia bullosa
    Girardinia diversifolia
    Gisekia pharnaceoides
    Gladiolus dalenii
    Gladiolus dalenii subsp.andongensis
    Gladiolus watsonioides
    Glenniea africana
    Gloriosa superba
    Gmelina arborea
    Gnaphalium pensylvanicum
    Gnaphalium rubriflorum
    Gnaphalium unionis
    Gnaphalium unionis var.tweediae
    Gnidia glauca
    Gnidia lamprantha
    Gomphia scheffleri
    Gomphocarpus fruticosus
    Gomphocarpus physocarpus
    Gomphrena celosioides
    Gouania longispicata
    Grewia flavescens
    Grewia lilacina
    Grewia mollis
    Grewia similis
    Grewia trichocarpa
    Grewia villosa
    Guizotia jacksonii
    Guizotia scabra
    Gunnera perpensa
    Gutenbergia cordifolia
    Gutenbergia rueppellii
    Gutenbergia rueppellii var.fischeri
    Gymnosporia buchananii
    Gymnosporia harveyana
    Gymnosporia heterophylla
    Gynura scandens
    Gynura valeriana
    Habenaria chirensis
    Habenaria holubii
    Habenaria lindblomii
    Habenaria malacophylla
    Habenaria vaginata
    Hagenia abyssinica
    Halleria lucida
    Haplocoelum foliolosum
    Haplosciadium abyssinicum
    Harpephyllum caffrum
    Harplocarpha rueppellii
    Harrisonia abyssinica
    Harungana madagascariensis
    Heinsenia diervilleoides
    Heinsia crinata
    Heinsia zanzibarica
    Helichrysum albiflorum
    Helichrysum cymosum
    Helichrysum foetidum
    Helichrysum forskahlii
    Helichrysum globosum
    Helichrysum odoratissimum
    Helichrysum panduratum
    Helichrysum schimperi
    Helichrysum setosum
    Helinus mystacinus
    Heliotropium longiflorum
    Heliotropium steudneri
    Heliotropium zeylanicum
    Heracleum abyssinicum
    Hermannia uhlugii
    Heteromorpha arborescens
    Heywoodia lucens
    Hibiscus acetosella
    Hibiscus aethiopicus
    Hibiscus aponeurus
    Hibiscus calyphyllus
    Hibiscus cannabinus
    Hibiscus diversifolius
    Hibiscus flavifolius
    Hibiscus fuscus
    Hibiscus micranthus
    Hibiscus pycnostemon
    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
    Hibiscus surattensis
    Hibiscus trionum
    Hibiscus vitifolius
    Hildebrandtia sepalosa
    Hirpicium diffusum
    Hirtella zanzibarica
    Holothrix brongniartiana
    Holothrix elgonensis
    Holothrix pentadactyla
    Hoslundia opposita
    Hydrocotyle ranunculoides
    Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides
    Hygrophila auriculata
    Hymenaea verrucosa
    Hymenocallis latifolia
    Hymenodictyon floribundum
    Hymenodictyon parvifolium
    Hypericum annulatum
    Hypericum kiboense
    Hypericum peplidifolium
    Hypericum quartinianum
    Hypericum revolutum
    Hypericum revolutum subsp.revolutum
    Hypericum roeperanum
    Hypoestes aristata
    Hypoestes forskaolii
    Hypoestes triflora
    Hypoxis angustifolia
    Hypoxis kilimanjarica
    Hypoxis obtusa
    Ilex mitis
    Illigera pentaphylla
    Impatiens fischeri
    Impatiens flaccida
    Impatiens hochstetteri
    Impatiens hochstetteri ssp.hochstetteri
    Impatiens hoehnelii
    Impatiens irvingii
    Impatiens meruensisi
    Impatiens nana
    Impatiens niamniamensis
    Impatiens sodenii
    Impatiens tinctoria subsp. elegantissima
    Impatiens tweedieae
    Impatiens walleriana
    Indigofera spinosa
    Indigofera arrecta
    Indigofera brevicalyx
    Indigofera homblei
    Indigofera tinctoria var.tinctoria
    Indigofera trita
    Indigofera volkensii
    Inula glomerata
    Inula mannii
    Inula paniculata
    Ipomoe jaegeri
    Ipomoea alba
    Ipomoea batatas
    Ipomoea cairica
    Ipomoea donaldsonii
    Ipomoea hildebrandtii
    Ipomoea kituiensis
    Ipomoea longituba
    Ipomoea ochracea
    Ipomoea polymorpha
    Ipomoea spathulata
    Ipomoea urbaniana
    Ipomoea wightii
    Isoglossa gregorii
    Isoglossa lactea
    Isoglossa laxa
    Isoglossa oerstediana
    Isoglossa substrobilina
    Ixora scheffleri
    Jacquemontia ovalifolia
    Jasminum abyssinicum
    Jasminum fluminense
    Jasminum grandiflorum subsp. floribundum
    Jasminum meyeri-Johannis
    Juniperus procera
    Justicia anagalloides
    Justicia anselliana
    Justicia betonica
    Justicia bizuneshiae
    Justicia caerulea
    Justicia cordata
    Justicia cufodontii
    Justicia diclipteroides
    Justicia elliotii
    Justicia flava
    Justicia gendarussa
    Justicia odora
    Justicia pinguior
    Justicia schoensis
    Justicia unyorensis var.keniensis
    Justicia whytei
    Kalanchoe citrina
    Kalanchoe densiflora
    Kalanchoe glaucescens
    Kalanchoe lateritia
    Kalanchoe marmorata
    Kalanchoe ndotoensis
    Kalanchoe prittwitzii
    Kalanchoe pumila
    Kanahia laniflora
    Kedrostis leloja
    Keetia guenzii
    Khaya anthotheca
    Kigelia africana
    Kigelia africana subsp.moosa
    Kleinia abyssinica
    Kleinia odora
    Kleinia petraea
    Kniphofia thomsonii
    Kohautia caespitosa
    Kosteletzkya adoensis
    Kosteletzkya begoniifolia
    Kyllinga alba
    Lablab purpureus
    Lactuca glandulifera
    Lactuca inermis
    Lagenaria siceraria
    Lagenaria sphaerica
    Laggera pterodonta
    Lamprothamnus zanguebaricus
    Landolphia buchananii
    Lannea humilis
    Lannea schimperi
    Lannea schweinfurthii var.stuhlmannii
    Lantana trifolia
    Lantana ukambensis
    Lantana viburnoides
    Laportea alatipes
    Lasianthus kilimandscharicus
    Lathyrus hygrophilus
    Lathyrus sphaericus
    Launaea cornuta
    Laurus nobilis
    Lecaniodiscus fraxinifolius
    Ledebouria kirkii
    Ledebouria revoluta
    Ledebouria sp.
    Leea guineensis
    Lefebvrea abyssinica
    Leonotis nepetifolia
    Leonotis nepetifolia var.africana
    Leonotis ocymifolia
    Leonotis ocymifolia var.raineriana
    Lepidagathis scariosa
    Lepidotrichilia volkensii
    Lepisanthes senegalensis
    Lepistemon owariensis
    Leptactina playphylla
    Leptadenia lancifolia
    Lettowianthus stellatus
    Leucaena leucocephala
    Leucas calostachyus
    Leucas deflexa
    Leucas glabrata
    Leucas grandis
    Leucas jamesii
    Leucas martinicensis
    Leucas urticifolia
    Lindernia abyssinica
    Lindernia rotundifolia
    Linum volkensii
    Liparis bowkeri
    Liparis deistelii
    Lippia carviodora
    Lippia grandifolia
    Lippia javanica
    Lippia kituiensis
    Litchi chinensis
    Lobelia bambuseti
    Lobelia baumannii
    Lobelia gibberoa
    Lobelia holstii
    Loeseneria africana
    Lonchocarpus eriocalyx
    Lotus goetzei
    Ludwigia stolonifera
    Luffa cylindrica
    Lupinus princei
    Lupinus pubescens
    Lycopodiella affinis
    Macadamia tetraphylla
    Macaranga capensis
    Macaranga conglomerata
    Macaranga kilimandscharica
    Macrorungia pubinervia
    Macrotyloma axillare
    Macrotyloma uniflorum
    Maerua angolensis
    Maerua cafra
    Maerua kirkii
    Maerua subcordata
    Maerua triphylla
    Maesa lanceolata
    Maesopsis eminii
    Majidea zanguebarica
    Makaya bella
    Maltebrunia schliebenii
    Malva parviflora
    Manilkara butugi
    Manilkara discolor
    Margaritaria discoidea
    Margaritaria discoidea var.fagifolia
    Markhamia lutea
    Maytenus acuminata
    Maytenus arbutifolia
    Maytenus obscura
    Maytenus senegalensis
    Maytenus undata
    Meineckia ovata
    Melia volkensii
    Melochia corchorifolia
    Memecylon buxoides
    Memecylon greenwayi
    Memecylon teitense
    Mentha aquatica
    Mentha longifolia
    Mentha pulegium
    Merremia tridentata
    Metaporana densiflora
    Metarungia pubinervia
    Meyna tetraphylla
    Micractis bojeri
    Micrococca holstii
    Micrococca scariosa
    Microglossa angolensis
    Microglossa pyrifolia
    Microglossa pyrrhopappa
    Micromeria biflora
    Mikania natalensis
    Mikaniopsis bambuseti
    Mikaniopsis usambarensis
    Milicia excelsa
    Milletia elliptica
    Milletia vatkei
    Millettia dura
    Millettia oblata subsp.teitensis
    Mimosa pigra
    Mimosa scabrella
    Mimulopsis alpina
    Mimulopsis solmsii
    Mimusops bagshawei
    Mimusops kummel
    Mimusops obtusifolia
    Mitracarpus hirsutus
    Mollugo nudicaulis
    Momordica foetida
    Momordica friesiorum
    Momordica rostrata
    Monadenium stapelloides
    Monanthotaxis parvifolia
    Mondia whytei
    Monodora grandidieri
    Monodora myristica
    Monopsis stellarioides
    Monsonia angustifolia
    Monsonia longipes
    Monstera deliciosa
    Moraea afro-orientale
    Moraea thomsonii
    Moringa oleifera
    Moringa rivae
    Moringa stenopetala
    Morus mesozygia
    Morus rubra
    Mucuna gigantea
    Mukia maderaspatana
    Multidentia crassa
    Mundulea sericea
    Murraya koenigii
    Murdannia semiteres
    Murdannia simplex
    Musa × paradisiaca
    Mussaenda arcuata
    Mussaenda microdonta
    Mussaenda microdonta
    Myrianthus holstii
    Myrica humilis
    Myrica salicifolia
    Myrothamnus flabellifolius
    Myrsine africana
    Mystroxylon aethiopicum
    Neoboutonia macrocalyx
    Neoboutonia melleri
    Neonotonia wightii
    Nepeta azurea
    Neurada procumbens
    Newtonia buchananii
    Newtonia hilderbrandtii
    Notholaena inaequalis
    Nuxia congesta
    Obetia radula
    Obetia tenax
    Ochna bracteosa
    Ochna holstii
    Ochna ovata
    Ocimum americanum
    Ocimum cufodontii
    Ocimum gratissimum
    Ocimum kilimandscharicum
    Ocimum lamiifolium
    Ocimum obovatum
    Ocimum sp.A
    Ocotea kenyensis
    Ocotea usambarensis
    Olax obtusifolia
    Oldenlandia corymbosa
    Oldenlandia monanthos
    Olea capensis subsp.macrocarpa
    Olea europaea subsp.cuspidata
    Olea welwitschii
    Olea woodiana
    Olinia emarginata
    Olinia rochetiana
    Olyra latifolia
    Oncoba routledgei
    Oncoba spinosa
    Oncocalyx fischeri
    Opilia campestris
    Oplismenus hirtellus
    Oreosyce africana
    Ormocarpum keniensis
    Ormocarpum kirkii
    Ornithogalum gracillium
    Ornithogalum tenuifolium
    Ornithogalum tenuifolium subsp. robustum
    Ornithogalum tenuifolium subsp. sordidum
    Orobanche minor
    Orthosiphon parvifolius
    Orthosiphon thymiflorus
    Osyridicarpos schimperianus
    Osyris lanceolata
    Otomeria oculata
    Ouratea schusteri
    Oxalis corniculata
    Oxalis latifolia
    Oxalis obliquifolia
    Oxyanthus goetzei
    Oxyanthus speciosa
    Oxyanthus pyriformis
    Oxyanthus zanguebaricus
    Oxygonum sinuatum
    Oxygonum stuhlmannii
    Ozoroa insignis
    Paederia pospischili
    Pancovia golungensis
    Panicum maximum
    Pappea capensis
    Paramacrolobium coeruleum
    Paspalum distichum
    Paspalum notatum
    Passiflora arizonica
    Passiflora edulis
    Passiflora incarnata
    Passiflora subpeltata
    Paullinia pinnata
    Pauridiantha paucinervis
    Pavetta abyssinica
    Pavetta crebrifolia
    Pavetta gardeniifolia
    Pavetta lanceolata
    Pavetta oliverana
    Pavetta pavettoides
    Pavetta schumanniana
    Pavetta stenosepala
    Pavetta tarennoides
    Pavonia burchellii
    Pavonia procumbens
    Pavonia urens
    Peddiea fischeri
    Pelargonium alchemilloides
    Pelargonium quinquelobatum
    Pelargonium whytei
    Pellaea adiantoides
    Pellaea calomelanos
    Pennisetum clandestinum
    Pennisetum glaucum
    Pennisetum mezianum
    Pennisetum purpureum
    Pentanisia ouranogyne
    Pentarrhinum insipidum
    Pentas caffensis
    Pentas lanceolata
    Pentas lanceolata subsp.quartiniana
    Pentas lanceolata var.nemorosa
    Pentas pubiflora
    Pentas schimperiana
    Pentas zanzibarica
    Peperomia abyssinica
    Peperomia tetraphylla
    Pergularia daemia
    Periploca linearlifolia
    Persicaria decipiens
    Persicaria odorata
    Persicaria pulchra
    Persicaria senegalensis
    Persicaria setosula
    Persicaria strigosa
    Phaulopsis angolana
    Phaulopsis imbricata
    Phragmanthera dschallensis
    Phyllanthus fischeri
    Phyllanthus odontadenius
    Phyllanthus ovalifolius
    Phyllanthus sepialis
    Physalis angulata
    Physalis peruviana
    Phytolacca dodecandra
    Pilea cadierei
    Pilea johnstonii
    Pimpinella keniensis
    Piper capense
    Piper guineense
    Piper umbellatum
    Pistacia aethiopica
    Pisum sativum
    Pittosporum lanatum
    Pittosporum mannii
    Pittosporum spathicalyx
    Pittosporum viridifolium
    Plantago lanceolata
    Plantago major
    Plantago palmata
    Platostoma africanum
    Platostoma rotundifolium
    Plectranthus amboinicus
    Plectranthus barbatus
    Plectranthus barbatus ssp. barbatus
    Plectranthus barbatus var.grandis
    Plectranthus bojeri
    Plectranthus caninus
    Plectranthus coleoides
    Plectranthus cyaneus
    Plectranthus defoliatus
    Plectranthus edulis
    Plectranthus grandicalyx
    Plectranthus hadiensis
    Plectranthus lactiflorus
    Plectranthus lanuginosus
    Plectranthus laxiflorus
    Plectranthus longipes
    Plectranthus melleri
    Plectranthus montanus
    Plectranthus neochilus
    Plectranthus ornatus
    Plectranthus pseudomarrubioides
    Plectranthus rotundifolius
    Plectranthus scandens
    Plectranthus sp.nov
    Plectranthus sylvestris
    Plectranthus xylopodus
    Pleurostylia africana
    Pluchea dioscoridis
    Plumbago zeylanica
    Podocarpus henkelii
    Podocarpus latifolius
    Pollichia campestris
    Polygala albida
    Polygala sadebeckiana
    Polygala sphenoptera
    Polygonum afromontanum
    Polyscias albersiana
    Polyscias fulva
    Polyscias kikuyuensis
    Polyscias stuhlmannii
    Polysphaeria parvifolia
    Polystachya bicarinata
    Polystachya lindblomii
    Polystachya steudneri
    Polystachya tenuissima
    Populus ilicifolia
    Portulaca massaica
    Portulaca oleracea
    Portulaca quadrifida
    Pouteria adolfi-friedericii
    Pouteria alnifolia
    Pouteria altissima
    Premna hildebrandtii
    Premna maxima
    Premna oligotricha
    Premna resinosa
    Priva curtisiae
    Protea caffra
    Protea gaguedi
    Protea madiensis
    Prunus africana
    Prunus ssp.
    Pseudarthria confertiflora
    Pseudarthria hookeri
    Pseuderanthemum ludovicianum
    Pseudocarum eminii
    Pseudospondias microcarpa
    Psilotrichum elliottii
    Psychotria alsophila
    Psychotria amboniana
    Psychotria crassipetala
    Psychotria fractinervata
    Psychotria kirkii
    Psychotria lauracea
    Psychotria mahonii
    Psychotria orophila
    Psychotria peduncularis var.nyassana
    Psychotria petitii
    Psychotria pseudoplatyphylla
    Psychotria tanganyicensis
    Psychotria so.B of FTEA
    Psychotria zombamontana
    Psydrax parviflora
    Pteridum aquilinum
    Pteris cretica
    Pterocarpus angolensis
    Pterolobium stellatum
    Punica granatum
    Puppalia lappacea
    Pycnocoma littoralis
    Pycnostachys deflexifolia
    Pycnostachys niamniamensis
    Pycnostachys stuhlmannii
    Pycnostachyus meyeri
    Pycnostachyus umbrosa
    Pyrostria phyllanthoidea
    Rangaeris amaniensis
    Rangaeris muscicola
    Ranunculus multifidus
    Ranunculus neopolitanus
    Rapanea melanophloeos
    Rauvolfia caffra
    Rauvolfia mannii
    Rauvolfia vomitoria
    Rawsonia lucida
    Reichardia tingitana
    Rhamnus prinoides
    Rhamnus staddo
    Rhipidoglossum subsimplex
    Rhipsalis baccifera
    Rhodopentas parvifolia
    Rhoicissus revolii
    Rhoicissus tridentata
    Rhus virens var.choriophylla
    Rhynchosia elegans
    Rhynchosia holstii
    Rhynchosia minima
    Rhynchosia nyasica
    Rhynchosia orthobotrya
    Rhynchosia usambarensis
    Richardia brasiliensis
    Ricinodendron heudelotii
    Ricinus communis
    Rinorea brachypetala
    Ritchiea albersii
    Rivina humilis
    Rogeria adenophylla
    Rotala tenella
    Rotheca myricoides
    Rothmannia fischeri
    Rothmannia globosa
    Rothmannia manganjae
    Rothmannia urcelliformis
    Rourea minor
    Rourea thomsonii
    Rubia cordifolia
    Rubus friesiorum
    Rubus keniensis
    Rubus niveus
    Ruellia megachlamys
    Ruellia patula
    Rumex abyssinicus
    Rumex steudelii
    Rumex usambarensis
    Rungia grandis
    Ruta graveolens
    Ruttya fruticosa
    Rytigynia eickii
    Rytigynia neglecta
    Rytigynia uhligii
    Saba comorensis
    Salix mucronata
    Salsola dendroides
    Salvadora persica
    Salvia coccinea
    Salvia hispanica
    Salvia merjamie
    Salvia nilotica
    Sambucus africana
    Sansevieria fischeri
    Sansevieria intermediatia
    Sansevieria suffruticosa
    Saraca asoca
    Sarcocephalus latifolius
    Sarcosperma parviflorum
    Satyrium fimbriatum
    Scabiosa columbaria
    Scadoxus multiflorus
    Schefflera abyssinica
    Schefflera volkensii
    Schkuhria pinnata
    Schrebera alata
    Schlechterina mitostammoides
    Scindapsus aureus
    Sclerocarya birrea ssp.caffra
    Sclerochiton boivinii
    Scolopia zeyheri
    Scutia myrtina
    Searsia lancea
    Searsia longipes
    Searsia natalensis
    Searsia pyroides
    Searsia tenuinervis
    Secamone alpini
    Secamone punctulata
    Securidaca longipedunculata
    Selaginella goudotiana
    Senecio deltoideus
    Senecio hadiensis
    Senecio hochstetteri
    Senecio johnstonii
    Senecio mesogrammoides
    Senecio moorei
    Senecio ruwenzoriensis
    Senecio schweinfurthii
    Senecio syringifolius
    Senna absus
    Senna alata
    Senna bicapsularis
    Senna didymobotrya
    Senna floribunda
    Senna hirsuta
    Senna obtusifolia
    Senna occidentalis
    Senna singueana
    Sericostachys scandens
    Sesbania dummeri
    Sesbania keniensis
    Sesbania sesban
    Setaria megaphylla
    Setaria pumila
    Setaria verticillata
    Shirakiopsis elliptica
    Sida alba
    Sida cordifolia
    Sida dregei
    Sida ovata
    Sida rhobifolifolia
    Sida ternata
    Sideroxylon inerme
    Sigesbeckia abyssinica
    Sinarudinaria alpina
    Siphonochilus aethiopicus
    Smilax anceps
    Smilax aspera
    Solanecio angulatus
    Solanecio cydoniifolius
    Solanecio mannii
    Solanum aculeastrum
    Solanum aculeastrum var.albifolium
    Solanum aculeatissimum
    Solanum aethiopicum
    Solanum americanum
    Solanum anguivi
    Solanum capsicastrum
    Solanum hastifolium
    Solanum incanum
    Solanum marginatum
    Solanum mauense
    Solanum nakurense
    Solanum renschii
    Solanum schumanianum
    Solanum sessilistellatum
    Solanum terminale
    Solenostemon sylvaticus
    Sonchus asper
    Sonchus oleraceus
    Sorghum bicolor
    Sorindeia calantha
    Sorindeia madagascariensis
    Spathodea campanulata
    Spermacocce dibrachiata
    Spermacoce minutiflora
    Spermacoce princeae
    Spermacoce pusilla
    Sphaeanthus ukambensis
    Sphaeranthus kirkii var.cyathuloides
    Sphaeranthus steetzii
    Sphaeranthus suaveolens
    Spirostachys africana
    Spirostachys venenifera
    Sporobolus stapfianus
    Stachys aculeolata
    Stachytarpheta jamaicensis
    Stachytarpheta urticifolia
    Stadmania oppositifolia
    Stathmostelma diversifolium
    Stathmostelma rhacodes
    Steganotaenia araliacea
    Stellaria sennii
    Stephania abyssinica
    Stephania cyanantha
    Sterculia africana
    Sterculia dawei
    Sterculia stenocarpa
    Stictocardia beraviensis
    Stolzia repens
    Streptocarpus caulescens
    Streptocarpus exsertus
    Streptocarpus glandulosissimus
    Striga asiatica
    Strombosia scheffleri
    Struthiola thomsonii
    Strychnos henningsii
    Strychnos innocua
    Strychnos madagascariensis
    Strychnos mitis
    Strychnos spinosa
    Strychnos usambarensis
    Stuhlmannia moavi
    Stylosanthes fruiticosa
    Suaeda monoica
    Suregada procera
    Suregada zanzibariensis
    Swertia calycina
    Synaptolepis kirkii
    Synsepalum cerasiferum
    Syzygium aromaticum
    Syzygium cordatum
    Syzygium guineense
    Syzygium micklethwaitii
    Syzygium sclerophyllum
    Tabermontana elegans
    Tabermontana stapfiana
    Tabernaemontana ventricosa
    Tacazzea apiculata
    Tacazzea conferta
    Tagetes minuta
    Talinum caffrum
    Talinum portulacifolium
    Tamarindus indica
    Tanacetum parthenium
    Tapiphyllum schumannianum
    Tapura fischeri
    Tarchonanthus camphoratus
    Tarenna pavettoides
    Tectaria gemmifera
    Tectona grandis
    Telfairia occidentalis
    Tephrosia candida
    Tephrosia emeroides
    Tephrosia hildebrandtii
    Tephrosia interrupta
    Tephrosia pumila
    Tephrosia villosa
    Tephrosia vogelii
    Terminalia brownii
    Terminalia mollis
    Terminalia sericea
    Terminalia spinosa
    Tetradenia brevispicata
    Tetradenia riparia
    Thalictrum rhynchocarpum
    Thunbergia alata
    Thunbergia battiscombei
    Thunbergia coccinea
    Thunbergia dregeana
    Thunbergia fischeri
    Thunbergia gibsonii
    Thunbergia holstii
    Thunbergia mysorensis
    Thunbergia natalensis
    Thunbergia paulitschkeana
    Thylachium africanum
    Thymus vulgaris
    Tiliacora funifera
    Tinnea aethiopica
    Tinospora caffra
    Toddalia asiatica
    Torilis arvensis
    Trachyandra saltii
    Tragia brevipes
    Tragia impedita
    Tragia insuavis
    Trema orientalis
    Triaspis niedenzuiana
    Tribulus terrestris
    Tricalysia niamniamensis
    Trichilia dregeana
    Trichilia emetica
    Trichocladus ellipticus
    Trichodesma physaloides
    Trichodesma zeylanica
    Tridactyle bicaudata
    Tridactyle furcistipes
    Tridax procumbens
    Trifolium baccarinii
    Trifolium burchellianum
    Trifolium burchellianum ssp.johnstonii
    Trifolium rueppellianum
    Trifolium semipilosum
    Trifolium steudneri
    Trilepisium madagascariense
    Trimeria grandifolia
    Triticum aestivum
    Triumfetta annua
    Triumfetta brachyceras
    Triumfetta flavescens
    Triumfetta rhomboidea
    Triumfetta tomentosa
    Turbina stenosiphon
    Turraea fischeri
    Turraea holstii
    Turraea mombassana
    Turraea nilotica
    Turraea parvifolia
    Turraea robusta
    Turraea wakefieldii
    Tylosema fassoglense
    Typha capensis
    Urena lobata
    Urera hypselodendron
    Urtica massaica
    Urtica simensis
    Usnea sp.
    Uvaria acuminata
    Uvaria kirkii
    Uvaria leptocladon
    Uvaria lucida
    Uvaria scheffleri
    Uvariodendron anisatum
    Uvariodendron gorgonis
    Uvariopsis congensis
    Vachellia abyssinica
    Vachellia gerrardii
    Vachellia hockii
    Vachellia kirkii
    Vachellia lahai
    Vachellia nilotica
    Vachellia polyacantha
    Vachellia seyal
    Vachellia seyal var.fistula
    Vachellia sieberiana
    Vachellia xanthophloea
    Vangueria apiculata
    Vangueria infausta
    Vangueria madagascarensis
    Vangueria volkensii
    Vatovaea pseudolablab
    Vepris dainellii
    Vepris eugeniifolia
    Vepris fadenii
    Vepris glandulosa
    Vepris glomerata
    Vepris hanangensis
    Vepris nobilis
    Vepris simplicifolia
    Vepris trichocarpa
    Vepris uguenensis
    Verbascum brevipedicellatum
    Verbascum sinaiticum
    Verbena aristigera
    Verbena bonariensis
    Vernonia amygdalina
    Vernonia auriculifera
    Vernonia brachycalyx
    Vernonia hochstetteri
    Vernonia holstii
    Vernonia schweinfurthii
    Vernonia smithiana
    Veronica abyssinica
    Veronica javanica
    Veronica tufnelliae
    Vicia hirsuta
    Vigna frutescens
    Vigna monophylla
    Vigna parkeri
    Vigna radiata
    Vigna vexillata
    Viola abyssinica
    Viola eminii
    Vismia orientalis
    Vitex doniana
    Vitex fischeri
    Vitex keniensis
    Vitex mombassae
    Vitex payos
    Vitex strickeri
    Voacanga thouarsii
    Volkamera acerbiana
    Wahlenbergia krebsii
    Waltheria indica
    Warburgia stuhlmannii
    Warburgia ugandensis
    Whitefieldia elongata
    Withania somnifera
    Wrightia demartiniana
    Xanthium pungens
    Xerophyta spekei
    Ximenia americana
    Xylopia parviflora
    Xymalos monospora
    Zaleya pentandra
    Zanha africana
    Zanthoxylum chalybeum
    Zanthoxylum gilletii
    Zanthoxylum mildbraedii
    Zanthoxylum rubescens
    Zanthoxylum usambarense
    Zea mays
    Zehneria scabra
    Ziziphus abyssinica
    Ziziphus mucronata
    Ziziphus pubescens
    Ziziphus spina-christi
    Zornia pratensis
    Zornia setosa
  • ABS Policy: Yes
    Plant Collection Policy: Yes

Conservation Programmes

  • Conservation Programme: Yes
    Medicinal Plant Programme: Yes
    Ex Situ Conservation Programme: Yes
    Reintroduction Programme: Yes

Research Programmes

  • Biotechnology: Yes
    Conservation - Biology: Yes
    Conservation - Genetics: Yes
    Ecology: Yes
    Ecosystem Conservation: Yes
    Education: Yes
    Ethnobotany: Yes
    Exploration: Yes
    Floristics: Yes
    Horticulture: Yes
    Invasive Species Biology and Control: Yes
    Molecular Genetics: No
    Pollination Biology: Yes
    Restoration Ecology: Yes
    Seed/Spore Biology: Yes
    Systematics and Taxonomy: Yes
    Sustainability: Yes
    Pharmacology: Yes
    Agriculture: Yes
    Land Restoration: Yes
    Urban Environments: Yes

Education Programmes

  • Visitor/Education Centre: Yes
    Education Signs in Garden: Yes
    Public Lectures/Talks: Yes
    Education Booklets/Leaflets: Yes
    Guided Tours: Yes
    Permanent Public Displays: Yes
    Special Exhibitions: Yes
    Courses for School Children: Yes
    Courses for University/College Students: Yes
    Courses for General Public: Yes
    Education Programme: Yes