Moscow State University Apothecary Garden

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Russian Federation - Moscow oblast - Moscow

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About the Moscow State University Apothecary Garden

The Botanical Garden of Moscow State University "Apothecary garden" - a monument to the history and culture of Moscow, the oldest botanical gardens in Russia, the most well-groomed, very photogenic, very conveniently located, affordable, very informative, very pleasant garden city!

In 1706 here at what was then the northern outskirts of Moscow, at the Sukharev Tower, by decree of Peter I was laid apothecary garden for the cultivation of medicinal plants. At first he belonged Aptekarskii order, then the Moscow hospital and the Medico-Surgical Academy. Plants grown here are used not only for preparation of medicines, but also for teaching botany, medical students, the future of Russian doctors.

By the beginning of the XIX century, as in many other medical gardens of Europe, here was collected hundreds of plant species, whose value was not so much in their medicinal properties - known or suspected - but in their significance for the study and teaching of botany. That is why the University of Moscow focused on this area when choosing a place to bring up the botanical garden of the city center, with moss. In 1805, former garden was purchased by the University and to this day remains in its custody.

In the garden Many famous scientists, who largely owes its development of domestic science. Thousands of students and schoolchildren were learning the secrets of the vegetable kingdom here, and countless ordinary visitors come here to relax in the shade of the old park to admire the manicured flower gardens or marvel at the beautiful plants from distant lands in greenhouses.

Over three centuries of history Botanical Garden MSU "Aptekarskii garden" happened, like the whole country, through various times. But these days the old garden continues to fulfill its noble mission - to tell you about the wonderful world of plants and its significance for the Earth and its inhabitants.

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Moscow State University Apothecary Garden
Prospect Mira, 26
Moscow oblast 129090 Russian Federation

Telephone: (495) 680-5880
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  • Director's Name: Alexey Retejum, Deputy Director
    Curator's Name: Artyom Parshin, Deputy Director
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  • Institution Type: Botanic Garden
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  • Latitude: 55.77877
    Longitude: 37.63522
    Altitude: 0.00 Metres

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