Catalogue of Rare Plants of Ukrainian Botanic Gardens and Parks

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About the Catalogue of Rare Plants of Ukrainian Botanic Gardens and Parks

About the Catalogue

Guided by the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC), and the urgent need to share and compare information on the collections of rare and endangered species, we have created this Catalogue of Rare Plants.
The Catalogue of Rare Plants is a compilation of data on living collections of rare plants in 41 botanic gardens and arboreta in Ukraine.

This Catalogue is the first attempt in Ukraine to compile and publish the inventory of rare plants introduced and studied by Ukrainian scientists working with living collections in botanic gardens and arboreta.

The Registry Catalogue includes 358 indigenous species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, and 360 introduced species which are absent in the natural flora in Ukraine.
The information presented in the Catalogue of Rare Plants includes:

Latin name, family name, nomenclatural synonym(s), Ukrainian common name, conservation status (for indigenous species only), organization code(s) where each species is present, in situ protection programs (for indigenous species only), and international importance of each species. For the convenience of the reader, we have included indexes of Latin synonyms and Ukrainian species names, the Law of the Red Book of Ukraine, the Little Red Book of Ukraine (vascular plants), and the Law on nature reserves in Ukraine.

The Catalogue will be useful for botanists, professors, students, and other specialists interested in studying the use and conservation of rare plants by Ukrainian botanic gardens and arboreta.

In general, we consider the Catalogue to be an interim step toward the creation of an electronic information retrieval system that is much more portable than printed material, and would allow easier changes and additions to the database on rare plant collections of botanical gardens and arboreta of Ukraine.

Idea and ordering – M.B. Gaponenko, A.P. Lebeda
Design and layout – A.P. Lebeda

Scientific Consultants:
S.Y. Popovych, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor
V.G. Sobko, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor

Published by the decision of the Academic Council of the M.M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

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