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United Kingdom - Gwynedd

Institution Code: FPL

International Agenda Registration: No

BGCI Member: Yes

About the FossilPlants

At FossilPlants our mission is to:
▪ tell the story of how early plants evolved by establishing a living collection of their
modern-day representatives, in a temperate garden environment and actively engage
others in their story.
▪ Actively assist efforts to protect threatened plant species through ex-situ conservation
and the creation of horticultural protocols that will aid subsequent translocation and
restoration of wild populations.
▪ Make our horticultural collections available to other botanical and scientific institutions
for the purposes of conservation, education and research.
▪ Provide access to the collection and information gained from it to interested parties.
▪ Promote the study of palaeobotany, taxonomy and plant sciences for all.

Main Address:
10 Goodman Street
LL55 4HL United Kingdom

Telephone: 07545 939666
Primary Email:

Staff Details

  • Director's Name: Robert Blackhall-Miles
    Curator's Name:
    Plant Records Officer's Name: Ben Ram
  • Total Staff:
    Horticultural Staff Number: 2
    Educational Staff Number:
    Research Staff Number:
    Administration Staff Number:

About the Garden

  • Institution Type: Botanic Garden
  • Status
  • Status: Private: Yes
  • Date founded: 2011
  • Physical Data
  • Natural Vegetation Area: No
  • Landscaped Area: Yes
  • Latitude: 53.1212116
    Longitude: -4.1294088
    Annual Rainfall: 3000 mm
    Altitude: 80.00 Metres

Features and Facilities

  • Herbarium: No
    Arboretum: No
  • Micropropagation/ Tissue Culture Facilities: No
    Seed Bank: Yes
    Published Plant Catalogue: No
    Computer Plant Record System: Yes
  • Open to public: Yes
    Friends society: No
    Retail Outlet: Shop: No
    Retail Outlet: Plant Sales: Yes
    Disabled access: Yes

Plant Collections

  • Cultivation Taxa Num: 1007
  • Special Collections:Proteaceae, Ericaceae (Styphelioideae), Diapensiaceae, Iris (Oncocyclus)
    Extant genera of families with a fossil record over 66 million years old
  • Invasive Species Monitoring: Yes
    ABS Policy: Yes
    Plant Collection Policy: Yes

Conservation Programmes

  • Conservation Programme: Yes
    Medicinal Plant Programme: No
    Ex Situ Conservation Programme: Yes
    Reintroduction Programme: Yes

Research Programmes

  • Conservation - Biology: Yes
    Conservation - Genetics: Yes
    Ecosystem Conservation: Yes
    Exploration: Yes
    Horticulture: Yes
    Restoration Ecology: Yes
    Seed/Spore Biology: Yes
    Systematics and Taxonomy: Yes
    Urban Environments: Yes

Education Programmes

  • Public Lectures/Talks: Yes
    Guided Tours: Yes