Museo Orto Botanico di Roma

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Italy - Rome

Institution Code:

International Agenda Registration: No

BGCI Member: Yes

About the Museo Orto Botanico di Roma

The Botanical Garden of Rome is one of the museums of Sapienza University of Rome. It covers an area of about 12 ha in the city, between Lungara Street and Gianicolo Hill. This is an archaeological area – Ager Vaticanus – which, in ancient times, was a suburban territory, crossed by streets with their succession of tombs and villas. Lanciani, on an archaeological survey in 1900, called this area, Horti Getae, following the finding of a property of Septimius Severus in the area around Porta Settimiana (between Via della Lungara and Villa Lante). The Botanical Garden is located in the Palazzo Riario-Corsini garden since 1883. The plane area of the Botanical Garden respects the Palazzo Riario-Corsini historical garden, enriched with trees, among them several palms bordering the main avenue. There are numerous historical greenhouses, among them are the Monumental Greenhouse (1887), The Corsini Greenhouse (1800), The French Greenhouse (1883) and the Orangery Greenhouse (1930). The Tropical Greenhouse was built in the 1990s. Among the present collections there are the Palms, the Gymnosperms, the Mediterranean Wood, the Bamboo Collection, the Rose Garden, the Garden of the Senses, the Fern Valley, the Mediterranean Garden, the Garden of “Simples” (medical plants), the aquatic plants and the Japanese Garden.

Herbarium: 1,115,659 specimens located at Herbarium Museum - Sapienza University of Rome, P.le Aldo Moro,5 - 00185 Rome, Italy

Read more:
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Main Address:
Museo Orto Botanico di Roma
L.go Cristina di Svezia, 24
00165 Italy

Telephone: +39 06 49917107
Fax: +39 06 49917107
Primary Email:

Staff Details

  • Director's Name: Prof. Fabio Attorre
    Curator's Name:
    Plant Records Officer's Name: Dr. Sandro Bonacquisti
  • Total Staff:
    Horticultural Staff Number: 16
    Educational Staff Number: 1
    Research Staff Number: 2
    Administration Staff Number: 6

About the Garden

  • Institution Type: Botanic Garden
  • Status
  • Status: Private: No
  • Date founded: 1883
  • Physical Data
  • Total Area: 12 Hectares
    Latitude: 41.892355
    Longitude: 12.466048
    Annual Rainfall: 681 mm
    Altitude: 0.00 Metres
  • Locality: Information
  • Locality: Garden Name: Museo Orto Botanico di Roma
  • Local Address: Largo Cristina di Svezia, 24
  • Locality: City: Rome
  • Locality: State: Italy

Features and Facilities

  • Herbarium: Yes
    Herbarium: Number of Specimens: 1115659
    Arboretum: Yes
    Arboretum Size: 5
  • Seed Bank: Yes
    Computer Plant Record System: Yes
  • Open to public: Yes
    Disabled access: Yes
  • Number of Visitors: 50000

Plant Collections

  • Accession Number: 3000
  • Invasive Species Monitoring: Yes
    ABS Policy: Yes
    Plant Collection Policy: Yes

Conservation Programmes

Research Programmes

Education Programmes

  • Visitor/Education Centre: Yes
    Education Signs in Garden: Yes
    Education Booklets/Leaflets: Yes
    Guided Tours: Yes
    Courses for University/College Students: Yes
    Education Programme: Yes