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Found 41 botanic gardens.

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# Institution Name City State
1 Arboretum "Veseli Bokovenki"
2 Dendropark of Ukraine Institute of Cattle Breeding Askania Nova Chaplin District
3 The State Dendrological Park "Alexandria" of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences Belaja Tserkov
4 The Botanical Garden of the Pedagogical Institute Cherkassy
5 Jurij Fedkovich National University Botanic Garden Chernivtsi
6 Dnepropetrovsk National University Botanic Garden Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk)
7 Dniepropetrovsk Botanic Garden Dniepropetrovsk
8 The State University Botanical Garden Dniepropetrovsk
9 Dokuchaevsk botaniсal gardens Dokuchaevsk Donestky region
10 Donetsk Botanical Garden Donetsk Donetsk region
11 Botanical Garden Podolski State Agricultural and Technical University Kamenetz-Podolsk Khmelnitsky Region
12 Kharkiv National Pedagogical University Botanic Garden Kharkiv Kharkiv oblast
13 Kharkiv National University Botanic Garden Kharkiv Kharkiv oblast
14 Agricultural and Biological Station and Botanical Garden Of Kherson State University Kherson
15 The Botanical Garden Khorostkov Ternopol'skot Region
16 Botanic Garden of the М. G. Kholodny Institute of Botany Kiev
17 Botanical Garden of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine Kiev
18 Catalogue of Medicinal Plants of Ukrainian Botanic Gardens and Parks Kiev Kiev oblast
19 Catalogue of Rare Plants of Ukrainian Botanic Gardens and Parks Kiev Kiev oblast
20 M.M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden Kiev
21 O.V. Fomin Botanical Garden / Ботанічний сад імені акад. О.В. Фоміна Kiev Kiev oblast
22 Krivorozhskiy Botanical Garden of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences Krivoy Rog
23 Ukrainian National Forestry University Botanic Garden L'viv
24 Botanic gardens of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University Luhansk Luhanskaya oblast
25 Botanical Garden Lutsk Lutsk
26 Botanic garden of Lviv National Medical University Lviv
27 Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Botanical Garden Lviv
28 Carpathian Forest Research Station Mukachenko
29 The Botanical Garden of the Pedagogical Institute Nezhin
30 Botanical Garden of Odessa National I.I.Mechnikov University Odessa
31 Botanic Garden of Poltava National Pedagogical University Poltava Poltavs'ka oblast
32 Botanical Garden of Tavrichesky University Simferopol Crimean Autonomous Republic
33 Dendropark of Technical College of Forestry Storozhinets
34 Botanical garden of Sumy State Pedagogical University "Makarenka" Sumy Sums'ka oblast
35 Dendrological Park "Trostyanets" Trostyanets ICZN
36 National Dendrological Park "Sofiyivka" NAS of Ukraine Uman Cherkassy
37 The Botanical Garden Uzhgorod University Uzhgorod
38 The Botanical Garden of Podolensis Vinnitsa
39 Nikitsky Botanical Gardens Yalta
40 Children's Botanical Garden Zaporozhye
41 The Botanical Garden of the Agricultural Institute Zhitomir

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